About Tracy

Tracy, WildThingAbout Tracy: Tracy is a wholesome, outdoors girl living in the tiny mountain town of Minturn, near Vail, Colorado. She has a wacky menagerie of a family: dogs, cats, chickens, horses and one easy going husband. She dreams of having a pig and a miniature cow one day. The lines are a bit fuzzy between work and play where nature is literally at her doorstep, and work may involve teaching yoga outside in the summer, leading snowshoe hikes in the winter, and taking care of the animals rain or shine. Tracy believes that her healthful life of sunshine and activity imbues her with a sense of wellbeing, which she loves to share with others. The driving principle behind Tracy’s teaching practice is kindness. She is always ready to offer genuine listening, thoughtful yoga, or an authentic hug to new and old friends alike. Tracy is a true human visionary, seeing beauty, goodness and capabilities in friends and students that they may not recognize in themselves.

A More Official Bio: Tracy is originally from Richmond, Virginia. She has literally spent her whole life drawn to movement. Tracy dove into swimming, gymnastics and ballet at an early age and began synchronized swimming when she was seven. Synchro captivated Tracy. It melded movement, music, friends and breath control into one. Over time it became her one focus, and while it allowed her to travel the world for competitions, it was the deliberate practice and being surrounded by others who shared her passion that Tracy truly enjoyed. After synchro, Tracy started running marathons, and after college, Tracy learned to ski, got certified to teach spinning, and started training for and competing in both on and off road triathlons. She had learned that life without practice was for her, just not focused or motivating. Excessive training led to more injuries than races, and from a friend’s suggestion, Tracy first tried yoga in 2000. For three straight months, she did the same Rodney Yee video daily (he has such a dreamy voice) and healed her injuries. For quite a few years, yoga remained a fix-it and was pretty sporadic. But in 2008, Tracy began what has turned into a lifelong journey of studentship. She has become an experienced and caring vinyasa based teacher. And guess what? Yoga melds movement, music, friends and breath control into one!

Tracy first trained with Mindy Arbuckle where she gained a deep respect for the ancient systems of yoga. Committed to her own growth, she spent several years studying with Baron Baptiste. Since 2012, Tracy has been blessed to be mentored by and studying under Shannon Paige: a rich and dynamic teacher, poet, and artist, who inspires her to be creative, thoughtful and entirely in love with the giving and receiving of the practice and teachings of yoga. In 2015, Tracy was drawn to Carmen Curtis’ AIReal Yoga program, where she has literally been blown away by this revolutionary therapeutic modality.

Tracy is a versatile teacher, whose BIG LOVE is teaching foundational classes. Each class offering is thoughtfully based on progressive sequencing to ensure that the student experiences a sense of mastery and self confidence while feeling nurtured and supported throughout the practice. Tracy is convinced that all of the magic, the rasa, the juiciness of yoga resides in the beginner’s practice.

Tracy is a 500 hour certified teacher in the School of Embodied Poetics founded by Shannon Paige, and is certified to teach AIReal Yoga™ founded by Carmen Curtis.

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About Yoga: In Tracy’s words: “Well, I genuinely believe it’s all yoga! The yoga poses we practice on the mat are super fun and interesting to explore. I’m a total geek about the physical practice, I just love how insights continue to unfold. Yoga is not boring! The time spent on the mat allows each of us to engage in exploration, to dive into self study, and to practice tools to better navigate and experience our lives. But here’s the deal: yoga can happen off of the mat too. It might look like petting your goofy dog, holding a sweet new baby, baking the best chocolate chip cookies to share with your friends, painting something you love, or taking a hike and really connecting to nature. I know I am experiencing yoga when I am not thinking me, my, mine or I. My most challenging yoga takes place while driving in my car. Really! I find myself frustrated by traffic, surprised by unexpected construction, judgmental about fast or slow drivers. It is a perfect opportunity for me to tap into the powerful tool of my breath, relax my jaw and unclench my hands, and align with what is actually unfolding as opposed to what I think should happen, and to trust that this is how things should be.”